Before Bed: Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Okay.. I’ve gotta ask. Who is reading the Little Seattle Observationist in Pakistan!!??? I am kind of geeking out because.. well I think it’s awesome when people connect all over the world. So please! Say something!!! Hello!

If you were not aware, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream is hands down the  best ice cream I’ve ever had in my life.. Okay, well I mean.. It’s really good. The thing is, not only is it great quality but it’s inventive and risky. I LOVE RISKY ICE CREAM! There, I said it. My classic favorite is salted caramel but recently strawberry pink peppercorn is my current favorite. It’s kind of weird that I switched .. I’m sorry salted caramel! I promise I am devout to you  but.. spare me the guilt. This one small distraction. You see, I’ve never loved strawberry ice cream so much before… It’s kind of exotic to me ..

Actually, I’m not an ice cream fan.. really. When I moved to Seattle, I sort of burnt myself out on it because I was eating a ton of Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.. but man that strawberry peppercorn is AMAZING! Thai tea is my next favorite. I think I may venture into Earl Grey very soon..

So what’s your favorite? 🙂

and no.. the picture above is not Molly Moon’s Ice Cream.

5 Responses to “Before Bed: Molly Moon’s Ice Cream”
  1. Keridwyn says:

    I used to eat their strawberry balsamic – wonder if peppercorn replaced it!

  2. Keridwyn says:

    Used to eat their strawberry balsamic – wonder if peppercorn replaced that?

  3. emmycooks says:

    Mmm, I have been testing out the recipes from the new ice cream cookbook! I wrote about the salted caramel, which came out AMAZING, here: (But I also made the strawberry as it was written in the book and I think the amount of sugar may be wrong, too little, so beware of that one, it was like eating a scoop of cream.) 🙂

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