Wash Your Hands

Hey guys! Seattle Magazine is offering a yearly subscription for $8! In case you are a fan like me I wanted to pass on the information. And in other news, did anyone else catch the new Department of Health for Seattle’s motto? Washingyourhandsington. Guys.. c’mon.. I can’t tell if this is trying to be silly/goofy, … Continue reading

A Doll’s House

Senator Patty Murray, thank you for saying this about the VAWA. Alright Seattlites! Any crazies out there who did the Polar Bear Plunge at Matthews Beach this year? I did it last year and it was a BLAST. Perhaps I’ll do it next year again and hopefully won’t have a cold then. 😛 I was … Continue reading

Best Burgers in Seattle

Lately I’ve been craving burgers.  BIG time. Like never before. Lucky for me, Seattle Mag anticipated this craving and wrote a big ol’ section about the best burgers in Seattle. Personally, I love the Deluxe Bar and Grill’s burgers on Capitol Hill, Red Mill in Greenwood and the classic Dick’s hamburgers too (Isn’t it fun … Continue reading

Just Another Sunny Day

I went to Fry’s last weekend with my boyfriend. We found this REDUCED PRICED item.. Shown below. $1.50… Is this CAPS worthy? Really? The kiddos were playing soccer today. or at the rest of the world calls it, Football. Not to be confused with Americanism of course. They were fun. I was almost run over … Continue reading