United State’s First Food Forest: Going Back to Our Roots?

The first time I heard about this, I was walking around Capitol Hill’s infamous Volunteer Park. “What do you mean by an all edible garden? The leaves, everything?” I had never heard of such an idea before. It seemed to me, a naive person about what you can and cannot eat in the forest, that … Continue reading

Why Seattle is the Best

This post about how freakin’ awesome Seattle is far surpasses my own ability of wit and the written word. I cannot stop laughing. You have to read because it is redunkuless but if there was ever words put together that explain my obsessed, bat-shit-crazy-head-over-heels love for Seattle, this person did it. The comments are even … Continue reading

Sunny Side

The morning walk to work was beautiful last Friday. Simply beautiful.

Seattle’s Irony

15 days ago, Kepler-10b (or the almost a.k.a. The Economist is pushing for, “Vulcan”) was “discovered” right here in our very fair-weathered Seattle. I’m sure they discovered it a bit before announcing it. How cool. Seattlites discovered the “Vulcan.” Geeks and Nerds RULE! ***** On my walk to work this afternoon, I was reading The Economist … Continue reading

The Queen Arrives

For months I have been waving to this Queen. She never waves back. I wondered if she thought I was hitting on her and she wanted to be left alone. Well, I know how that feels. Sometimes I sympathized. Other times I was irritated. I only wanted to tell her I liked her outfit. Clothes are not … Continue reading

Better Than Flowers

Oh man! Did you see The Cascades today?! Talk about a show stopper. I nearly cried on the 5 bus on the way to music lessons. So beautiful. Moves my heart to my throat. It’s too much for me sometimes, Seattle. I’m so in love with you. ***** Last night I chat with a cabbie … Continue reading

Alki Beach

Its interesting it takes a long time to explore a city properly, isn’t it? It is to me. Makes you think about the trips people take around the world to spend one week there. I’ve lived in Seattle for 9 months and I’ve only explored Greenwood, Greenlake, Capitol Hill, Central District, Downtown and a bit of … Continue reading

The Man Behind the Carousel

  Two posts ago I wrote about the carousel that’s in the Westlake Shopping Center in downtown Seattle. I mentioned there was a snack stand. I felt kind of “bad” I hadn’t checked more into this snack stand. Yesterday morning I decided to stop. I bought doughnuts. Oh, man. I love doughnuts but more than … Continue reading

A Typical Morning Walk

This morning I decided to take my camera into work with me. It’s a “big” camera (i.e. doesn’t fit in my pocket) and I ride the bus so I don’t make the decision lightly. It’s been months since I’ve gone out to take pictures and I miss it. It’s a favorite pastime. I feel something … Continue reading

“Big Scare:” Choppers and Snow

Seattle University is partnering with The City of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management along with the National Guard and other safety organizations/programs to test things out. Don’t fret. It’s not the big scary snow storm everyone seems to be freaked out about. Today I spoke with a woman named Betty at a Bartell Drugs (Seattle’s … Continue reading