Reading in 2012

Before I begin with the actual subject of the post, I’ve had a few fun reminders and interesting new things I’ve learned about dogs. A bone does not last a few days, as I was thinking. It lasts an hour, tops. I could hear Harvey ripping it apart. I thought OMG! I HAZ A BEAST … Continue reading

To the Grieving Families

“For there is a boundary to looking. And the world that is looked at so deeply wants to flourish in love. Work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart-work on all the images imprisoned within you. Rilke, ‘Turning Point’”- a comment off of The Stranger Last Wednesday, people messaged me to ask if … Continue reading

The Stranger, You Simply Rock It

Thought I’d share some of my favorite  exerts from Last Days, in The Stranger, this week: “WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5 “In much worse news, today brings the sad announcement of the death of Steve Jobs, the American inventor and entrepreneur whose cofounding of both Apple and Pixar secures his stature as the most entertaining man of his … Continue reading

Tacompton & Worldly Matters

I had my very first visit to Tacoma (i.e. “Tacompton”) this past week. As my co-workers and I drove back to the office, I asked what that big building was on the side of the road. “What big building?” “The big round building.” “The Tacoma Dome? You  need to get out of Seattle more!” “The … Continue reading