The Furry Ones & Other Bus Adventures

Walk or take the bus? Spending the $2.25 to ride the bus 10 or 12 blocks bugs me. It’s a choice of which is more important: time or money? I felt time was a bit more important today so I opted to take the bus and I’m glad I did! Otherwise I would have missed … Continue reading

52 Thank Yous

Participation in daily challenges is all the latest rage. 30 Day Photo Challenges, 30 Days of Letters, 365 Photos, etc. 52 Thanks Yous is a different marketing strategy. I like it. Today I was riding the bus hijacked by a wanna-be-tour guide. “Tonight, we make our way up to Capitol Hill,” “Aaaand here we are at … Continue reading

You can bring this to work?

This bus driver had a string of beanie babies and things.. on the side of her and also on the dashboard. She was the happiest bus driver I have ever seen. Ever. She must have somethin’ there with those stuffed animals….