Fogón Cocina Mexicana, Welcome!

I’ve been eyeing that spot on Pine for years. You know, the one that seems to be a bit cursed. The one that used to be KiKi’s and a bar before that. It’s been three eateries within my 2 1/2 years of being here. It’s also a tough spot. There are already so many great … Continue reading

Five Minutes To Save a Life

Last week, a good friend of mine was visiting my lovely city. Okay.. OUR lovely city since I technically don’t own Seattle. Sunday was the last night of her visit and it was a good one. I took her down 5th ave and up Denny Way to break her into the city. I think she … Continue reading

“Hush Hush” at The Living Room

If you happen to be in Capitol Hill tonight, want to experience something new or chill out in a loungey area with some great music, stop by The Living Room located on Olive Way & Melrose. My friend, and KEXP’s DJ Alex (who has been featured on The Stranger recently), along with special guest IG88 … Continue reading

Before Bed: Molly Moon’s Ice Cream

Okay.. I’ve gotta ask. Who is reading the Little Seattle Observationist in Pakistan!!??? I am kind of geeking out because.. well I think it’s awesome when people connect all over the world. So please! Say something!!! Hello! If you were not aware, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream is hands down the  best ice cream I’ve ever … Continue reading

A Cal Anderson Lesson

Yesterday, I learned something in Cal Anderson Park. I learned some soccer drills. Yep. My guy taught them to me. It’s pretty hilarious when you watch him run because you can tell he was a soccer player. He has this bouncing jog only soccer players seem to have. I never played on sports teams but … Continue reading

Pine and Melrose Building Bought by Madison Development Group

This is very bad news, folks. Let me first say, I’m a huge supporter of updating buildings and progressing but I do not understand how this could possibly be progressing in any way, shape, or form. Many people are already outraged. I’m pretty shocked to read the news today. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so devastating … Continue reading

B & O Espresso is Open for One More Year

It is confirmed, Seattle: B & O Espresso on Capitol Hill will not close for at least another year. For the last five years, B & O has teetered on closing due to the threat of the building owner wanting to open up a new project… because Capitol Hill needs more condos? Part of the … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Jai Ho!

This Saturday is a very special Saturday. Jai Ho Parties are special for me as it is (I met my boyfriend there and I’ve had nothing but awesome dance experiences every time I’ve gone). This Saturday marks the one-year-anniversary. I couldn’t get The Stranger to write about it (boo hiss!) so I figured I would … Continue reading

Freakin’ Blue Angels

Damnit! Blue Angels! Every time, you scare the crap out of me. Last year I lived in the CD (Central District) and it seemed they were flying over my apartment every 5 minutes. That’s likely an exaggeration. I do love airplanes. I think they’re something like miracles. Every time I get on one I geek … Continue reading

Conservatory in Volunteer Park

Broken record. Oh my goodness. Seattle is a Paradise. It’s like walking in my own private forest!!! *le sigh* A forest near mountains and picturesque water scenes. Good grief. Even my Dad likes it here, he reluctantly admitted to me on several occasions. “Bah! Hippies!” I’m paraphrasing my Dad there. He loved it. I didn’t … Continue reading