Drinking in Solitude, Thanks.

A day off can turn into a day full of personal projects to be done but this weekend I wanted to make sure I had an actual day off. Hence why my curtain rod and curtains are still packed away (and leaning against my living room wall for all to see the work I haven’t … Continue reading

A Little Love

Did somebody say Beer-baked Mac ‘n’ Cheese!?!?! YES! Seattle Times, thank you. Obrigada! And Candy Cane Lane. A Seattle tradition “since 1949.” Don’t miss it 🙂 ***** On the bus this morning, I over heard one guy, barely-not-homeless tell another guy, who I am assuming was the same, talk about this apartment that is provided for … Continue reading

Starbucks: You win

In a fit of irritation over fickle internet, I made my way down to Half-Price Book Store on Olive and Belmont in Capitol Hill. I got off the 43 and began to make my way to cross the street.. when I passed the Starbucks. Not an usual thing to say in Seattle but I have been … Continue reading