Black “something” and it’s delicious

[Belltown is] a bit too “yuppie” for me.. too white-corporate-kahki-starbucks-drinking-lame-pick-up-lines-from-long-ago-frat-boys for my tastes.. (Yes, there was some of that when I picked up my drinks for my girlfriends at the bar and in the conversation next to us at dinner).. but I had a great time. The service was good, the food was good, the drinks were good and I was very glad I stayed to try it out.

The Tilth

Set in a home built decades before my mother was born, my friend and I ventured into a restaurant called Tilth. The word “tilth” refers to the condition of healthy soil which will allow for sustainable plant growth. Using what is available here in the present seems to be the philosophy behind Maria Hine’s menu. … Continue reading

Nibbling on Seattle

“Oooh yeah..  So I need to have corn, something meaty and bbqish…ooh! Look! A baby coconut! Mmmmmm.. Oh look! Frozen bananas! Alligators?! Korean Fish tacos and who is that guy in the giant chicken suit?” This is how my adventures at Bite of Seattle began. Unfortunately for me I was only able to make it out … Continue reading