A Cal Anderson Lesson

Yesterday, I learned something in Cal Anderson Park.

I learned some soccer drills.
Yep. My guy taught them to me. It’s pretty hilarious when you watch him run because you can tell he was a soccer player.
He has this bouncing jog only soccer players seem to have.
I never played on sports teams but lately I have been inspired by sports.
I should do more. I should play  more. I should watch more because it’s a part of the human experience.
Teamwork, competition, physical activity and a little friendly fighting.
It’s good for the soul, really. And here I used to think it was useless. Definitely not. I was wrong.

You know what’s also awesome about learning a few soccer drills?
They correlate with dancing! I know other people have discovered this before but for me this was huge! I’ve been wondering how to build stamina samba dancers have. How do you bounce around in one spot for hours? Bounce and twist forever. Seriously. That’s what it takes and that’s basically what I did. Jumping jacks in various forms. It was awesome and I’m happy I decided to learn something new.

I was only ever good at running and maybe some yoga. Now I can bounce in place, twisting and jumping around for a while. I think all the dance parties I’ve attended have helped with that preparation..

Dancing and soccer. Who knew?!


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