Reading in 2012

Before I begin with the actual subject of the post, I’ve had a few fun reminders and interesting new things I’ve learned about dogs. A bone does not last a few days, as I was thinking. It lasts an hour, tops. I could hear Harvey ripping it apart. I thought OMG! I HAZ A BEAST … Continue reading

Another Seattle Dog Lover

Oh yes, Seattle. I did it. Finally. I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Searching. Researching. Talking. Dreaming. And looking. Lots of looking. It was so hard! I mean, everyone else has one! I see them in the shops. The coffee shops, the parks, thrift stores.. I see them everywhere and people … Continue reading

Does God Exist?

Last night, at Everett Community College two people, Gary Jensen of the Zion Lutheran Church in Snohomish and Jim Corbett speaking for Humanists of North Puget Sound, got together to discuss this topic in front of about 50 people. It was a fairly small crowd but it was an active one and not the usual … Continue reading

Thanksgiving (How Do You Feel?)

Well this week has been interesting. Seattle had actual rain. I mean, big fat rain drops. Rivers were commencing on the street. It was incredible. For such a rainy city, we don’t have that kind of rain. We have sprinkles. Our “real rain storms” happen in the spring, not in the winter. Somethin’ tells me, … Continue reading

Cab Light Mystery is Solved!

So here’s the thing. I like cab rides. I don’t know why. Lots of people complain about them but I love cab rides. I like talking to people from around the world. Usually they’re Punjabi, African or sometimes from Eastern Europe. You know what I don’t like about cabs? The light that is supposed to … Continue reading

Fogón Cocina Mexicana, Welcome!

I’ve been eyeing that spot on Pine for years. You know, the one that seems to be a bit cursed. The one that used to be KiKi’s and a bar before that. It’s been three eateries within my 2 1/2 years of being here. It’s also a tough spot. There are already so many great … Continue reading

Five Minutes To Save a Life

Last week, a good friend of mine was visiting my lovely city. Okay.. OUR lovely city since I technically don’t own Seattle. Sunday was the last night of her visit and it was a good one. I took her down 5th ave and up Denny Way to break her into the city. I think she … Continue reading

Party Like It’s Mumbai (Happy Independence Day, India!)

Quite a bit has been going on here in the Little Seattle Ob’s world! It’s been an awesome summer (enjoying my pool) with friends (lots of parties) and with so many things to do it’s a wonder I get any time to sleep. Tonight, I’m definitely not going to get any because for the first … Continue reading

To the Grieving Families

“For there is a boundary to looking. And the world that is looked at so deeply wants to flourish in love. Work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart-work on all the images imprisoned within you. Rilke, ‘Turning Point’”- a comment off of The Stranger Last Wednesday, people messaged me to ask if … Continue reading

Meeting Richard Ford

I’ve never gone to “one of those book readings” before. Usually, I haven’t read the book, nor heard of the author. Sometimes the author is so popular I dread the crowd. I had no idea who Richard Ford was. I saw his picture on the Seattle Public Library website, clicked on the link and read … Continue reading