Snow Day in Seattle!

Hey Seattlites! If you are itching for some Snow Day time, set your worries aside and put your hats, gloves and scarves on. The Boys and Girls Club in Seattle are putting on a Snow Day event this Saturday, Jan 12th! I just caught wind of this through one of my Meetup groups. The location … Continue reading

Christmas Lights: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Last week, on a whim, I visited the Bellevue Botanical Garden Christmas Lights. I’ve  been to a few of these before. It’s always very  nice but I have never seen anything like this. Volunteers spent nearly 10,000 hours putting these lights together. It took that long because the light flowers are handmade.  In the spring … Continue reading

Cal Anderson Gets an Ice Rink This Holiday Season!

Whooooa Nelly! What’s that? Cal Anderson will have a freakin’ ICE RINK THIS YEAAAR?!! Oh my GOD! I could not be happier. I don’t even like ice skating (hurts ze ankles) but man that’s freakin’ cool. Admission will be $12 for adults, $6 for kiddos and will be open from 10am to 11pm in true … Continue reading

A Stranger on the Rail & Other Happenings

Back from vacation, charged and ready to dive back into my home that is Seattle. Te amo, Seattle. You are my heart. Every time I fly back (I tend to travel a lot) and I see the lights or I see the mountains, I see the lay of the land, the surprise of what is … Continue reading


EnRoot is playing tonight at Egan’s in Ballard at 11pm. No cover! ***** Here it comes, here it comes. I’m turning into a crazy Seattlite (but I refuse to become bitter about the weather!). This weekend I begin snowboarding. I hear I will spend a lot of time on my bottom and snowpants are very important. Snowpants. … Continue reading

The Man Behind the Carousel

  Two posts ago I wrote about the carousel that’s in the Westlake Shopping Center in downtown Seattle. I mentioned there was a snack stand. I felt kind of “bad” I hadn’t checked more into this snack stand. Yesterday morning I decided to stop. I bought doughnuts. Oh, man. I love doughnuts but more than … Continue reading

It’s the Most Wonderful Time

It’s that time of year. People are out shopping; Macy’s plays the familiar tunes redone by the old and newly famous; soft lights line the streets and that guy shuffles his way over asking for more money.. Oh wait, that’s every day and has nothing to do with Christmas. He always shuffles right up to you saying … Continue reading