Thinking About the New Year

Well, I don’t know about you guys, but since the apocalypse my life has been awesome. I mean, I knocked those zombies out. 😛 Look, we all knew nothing was going to happen. The craze of the Mayans “predicting the world ending” was ridiculous. Seattle Pockets posted what the Mayans really predicted and I, for … Continue reading

Just Another Rainy Day, Seattle

Seattle was sloshy today. I mean, juuust sloshy. Seattle is famous for its rain but let’s be honest, it’s not really rain. It’s spitting. Clouds spit on us all the time here in Seattle. It doesn’t rain. Not really. Except for today when I had to go into town to fix my class schedule at … Continue reading

Bad Boss: Where You Work Matters

The Seattle viaduct will be closed beginning this Friday, October 21st @5pm, until the morning of Halloween. Nine and a half days, people. I frequented West Seattle earlier this year. My reaction was always this: “But it’s so cut off from Seattle.” This is why I have not ever wanted to live in West Seattle. Ah, I … Continue reading