Crystal Mountain, Movies & Shameless Plug

I love Seattle Magazine (Hey! Where is my subscription? I haven’t seen it in months! Maybe I forgot to re-subscribe :P). I love getting their Thursday email of “Musts.” In case you were still itching to ski and haven’t tried it yet this season (ahem, <looks at self>), Crystal Mountain is still open and it … Continue reading

Cal Anderson Gets an Ice Rink This Holiday Season!

Whooooa Nelly! What’s that? Cal Anderson will have a freakin’ ICE RINK THIS YEAAAR?!! Oh my GOD! I could not be happier. I don’t even like ice skating (hurts ze ankles) but man that’s freakin’ cool. Admission will be $12 for adults, $6 for kiddos and will be open from 10am to 11pm in true … Continue reading

The Holiday Season is Here

Oh Noes! Why did I not work on my texting skills? I would’ve walked away with at least $2,500 like Rachel, a 15-year-old from Shoreline, WA. She texts (can we call it typing? No, we can’t) 60 words per minute. That is impressive. So who gave her money? A texting championship; the LG National Texting … Continue reading

Kicking Off The Fall Season

Fall isn’t popular with Seattlites since it means Winter is looming around the corner. That means hardly any sunlight. They’re very sensitive about their sun. Summer was rather short this year. Meh. I say we’re still getting some decent weather. It was so bright out today! A perfect precursor to perfect Fall days! Tonight I went to … Continue reading

Conservatory in Volunteer Park

Broken record. Oh my goodness. Seattle is a Paradise. It’s like walking in my own private forest!!! *le sigh* A forest near mountains and picturesque water scenes. Good grief. Even my Dad likes it here, he reluctantly admitted to me on several occasions. “Bah! Hippies!” I’m paraphrasing my Dad there. He loved it. I didn’t … Continue reading