New Chia Pet!

Bartells made me laugh this morning. A Fremont Troll Chia Pet. If I wasn’t such a cheapo (and against buying useless stuff as much as possible) I’d totally go for it. Hilarious. I am in disbelief this company is still around. Advertisements

Conservatory in Volunteer Park

Broken record. Oh my goodness. Seattle is a Paradise. It’s like walking in my own private forest!!! *le sigh* A forest near mountains and picturesque water scenes. Good grief. Even my Dad likes it here, he reluctantly admitted to me on several occasions. “Bah! Hippies!” I’m paraphrasing my Dad there. He loved it. I didn’t … Continue reading

Escape Artists

I watched this motorcyclist make a left onto Summit attempting to get around the “road closed” due to construction. It was, in theory, a smart move to jump on the sidewalk and get around the construction. I tried to do the same sort of thing once though not on a motorcycle. I was a simple … Continue reading

Just Another Sunny Day

I went to Fry’s last weekend with my boyfriend. We found this REDUCED PRICED item.. Shown below. $1.50… Is this CAPS worthy? Really? The kiddos were playing soccer today. or at the rest of the world calls it, Football. Not to be confused with Americanism of course. They were fun. I was almost run over … Continue reading

Fields of Tulips

“How long do you think we’d look at tulips anyway? They’re just tulips.” Just tulips. Truth be told, I’m not a huge fan of tulips. They last a few weeks and then die. How annoying. Just tulips. But they were beautiful “just tulips.” The four-hour-beautiful-weather-Easter-weekend-traffic was what my boyfriend and I endured (happily) last weekend. … Continue reading

The Furry Ones & Other Bus Adventures

Walk or take the bus? Spending the $2.25 to ride the bus 10 or 12 blocks bugs me. It’s a choice of which is more important: time or money? I felt time was a bit more important today so I opted to take the bus and I’m glad I did! Otherwise I would have missed … Continue reading

Just Beee Yourself

Beware: Woman READING!

It was blustery and a bit chilly out when a younger man, possibly my age, asked me, “Excuse me. Are you in business or a financial analyst?” Well, I can say that is a first. Normally conversations from men follow more along these lines, “Well, well, well! Wait a second now, can I ask your … Continue reading

Standing for Others & Cabbies

Heidar el Rizza stood at 4th and Pine for his fellow brothers who lay fallen for freedom in Saudi Arabia. His children and relatives also joined him holding flags. He said, “This is very, very bad and not right. Someone has to stand for them.” I agree. Here’s to peace. Here’s to freedom for everyone. ***** … Continue reading

Sunny Side

The morning walk to work was beautiful last Friday. Simply beautiful.