Wash Your Hands

Hey guys! Seattle Magazine is offering a yearly subscription for $8! In case you are a fan like me I wanted to pass on the information. And in other news, did anyone else catch the new Department of Health for Seattle’s motto? Washingyourhandsington. Guys.. c’mon.. I can’t tell if this is trying to be silly/goofy, … Continue reading

To the Grieving Families

“For there is a boundary to looking. And the world that is looked at so deeply wants to flourish in love. Work of the eyes is done, now go and do heart-work on all the images imprisoned within you. Rilke, ‘Turning Point’”- a comment off of The Stranger Last Wednesday, people messaged me to ask if … Continue reading

NetIP’s Diwalia Gala & Black Friday

The above photo was taken today. Photo provided by Komonews. Random Thought: Can you believe people break up via text and social media? That is ridiculous. Also interesting, these stats show that significant others either call or text at almost the same percentage, 65-67%. It’s just so easy to text! I never thought I’d be … Continue reading

The Stranger, You Simply Rock It

Thought I’d share some of my favorite  exerts from Last Days, in The Stranger, this week: “WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 5 “In much worse news, today brings the sad announcement of the death of Steve Jobs, the American inventor and entrepreneur whose cofounding of both Apple and Pixar secures his stature as the most entertaining man of his … Continue reading

Seattle SlutWalk

To those of us who participated in the Seattle Slutwalk, the message was clear but outsiders were definitely confused. There are a lot of things trying to be said at Slutwalk and it deals with something people are confused about. What is rape? It’s amazing we even have to ask this question but I have … Continue reading

Sluts Unite

This post is sensitive material. I suggest you not read if you are easily upset or are not in an environment where you can be upset. I’m marching with my fellow sluts this Sunday at the Bobby Morris Field in Cal Anderson Park at noon. We’ll walk down Pine (Yay! My favorite street!) to Westlake … Continue reading

Photographers, Get Ready

to ruuumbleee! It’s not a rumble. I just wanted to get retro on you. So, there’s a 24 hour photography kick off this weekend starting tomorrow night at 6pm until the following day (duh), June 18th at 6pm. You don’t need to be a real photographer either, I suppose.. just a person who likes to … Continue reading

A Little Happy, Seattle

I was taking a walk through my lovely city, my lovely neighborhood once again in total awe of my paradise as my thoughts trailed around suicide. Don’t panic. It’s not me. Catchy line though, eh? Seattle is thought of as a depressing city and for good reason. It’s difficult for people who have seasonal depression … Continue reading


If you’ve been downtown or Cap Hill in the last few weeks, you would have likely seen the posters for a missing dog. We love our doggies here and I’m glad to say he has been found. It was a happy ending. 🙂

Escape Artists

I watched this motorcyclist make a left onto Summit attempting to get around the “road closed” due to construction. It was, in theory, a smart move to jump on the sidewalk and get around the construction. I tried to do the same sort of thing once though not on a motorcycle. I was a simple … Continue reading