St. Marks Gregorian Chants on Sundays

Over the holidays,  my friend had an excellent suggestion. She told me on Sunday nights at church on Capitol Hill, there was a choir that performed Gregorian chant. My curiosity was stirred and everyone else in our group seemed to be into it too. We decided it would be a great way to kick off … Continue reading

The Princess Bride Returns & Bollywood Dance

Oh Seattle, you rock it like no one else can. There is a Princess Bride QUOTE-A-LONG this weekend! Prices are $7-12 per ticket (that includes a sword! a sword, people!). Be sure to make your way down there. It’s only scheduled for this weekend. Some more awesomeness in the realm of movies: Fandango is doing … Continue reading

Kurt Elling at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley

5 years ago or so I saw a personal musical hero of mine. I was a student at University of Toledo and it was a teacher’s birthday. Not just any teacher but the infamous vocalese grandfather, Mr. John Hendricks (vocalese: putting words to instrumental music). There’s a great story about Miles Davis and John Hendricks. … Continue reading

B & O, A Bit Cheeky and a Bit of a Walk

It’s a sign our elected government officials, or one of their sorely underpaid employees, actually pay attention to individual voices. I sent a quick, generic message to Senator Edward Murray to let him know I was in support of Planned Parenthood. I accidentally sent this twice. I received, in fairness, a generic message in reply. … Continue reading


EnRoot is playing tonight at Egan’s in Ballard at 11pm. No cover! ***** Here it comes, here it comes. I’m turning into a crazy Seattlite (but I refuse to become bitter about the weather!). This weekend I begin snowboarding. I hear I will spend a lot of time on my bottom and snowpants are very important. Snowpants. … Continue reading

More smiling, asks the Brigade!

The Smile Brigade  (with The Parsons Red Heads and Le Switch) is up for another show this coming Monday at the High Dive in Fremont @ 8pm sharp. Come get your happy groove on! Short and sweet. 🙂