The Princess Bride Returns & Bollywood Dance

Oh Seattle, you rock it like no one else can. There is a Princess Bride QUOTE-A-LONG this weekend! Prices are $7-12 per ticket (that includes a sword! a sword, people!). Be sure to make your way down there. It’s only scheduled for this weekend. Some more awesomeness in the realm of movies: Fandango is doing … Continue reading

The Holiday Season is Here

Oh Noes! Why did I not work on my texting skills? I would’ve walked away with at least $2,500 like Rachel, a 15-year-old from Shoreline, WA. She texts (can we call it typing? No, we can’t) 60 words per minute. That is impressive. So who gave her money? A texting championship; the LG National Texting … Continue reading