Fogón Cocina Mexicana, Welcome!

I’ve been eyeing that spot on Pine for years. You know, the one that seems to be a bit cursed. The one that used to be KiKi’s and a bar before that. It’s been three eateries within my 2 1/2 years of being here. It’s also a tough spot. There are already so many great … Continue reading

Valentines Day With Vibrant Chocolates

(My favorite Bollywood party was featured on this blog! Check it out! Seriously! You gotta come next month to Chop Suey if you didn’t make it this past weekend) This how I initially began this post, “So you know what’s coming up this Thursday, right?” Then I decided to check the Seattle Met’s “Burger Brawl.” … Continue reading

Best Burgers in Seattle

Lately I’ve been craving burgers.  BIG time. Like never before. Lucky for me, Seattle Mag anticipated this craving and wrote a big ol’ section about the best burgers in Seattle. Personally, I love the Deluxe Bar and Grill’s burgers on Capitol Hill, Red Mill in Greenwood and the classic Dick’s hamburgers too (Isn’t it fun … Continue reading

El Diablo: Need a Little Sin in Your Coffee?

I swore I’d never become this person when I moved to Seattle but it’s happened. I’m stuck. Once I find a neighborhood I love, it becomes the only one I do most of my stuff in. Working, eating, dancing, shopping, etc. That neighborhood happens to be Capitol Hill for me. I mean, c’mon, how can … Continue reading

Ode to Coffee

Be Prepared. It’s Monday which means It’s Random Thoughts Time. For all the delicious Asian restaurants and tiny carry-outs, why is it I can only find one place to deliver in Cap Hill? This perplexes me. In Ohio, all the Asian places deliver (generally speaking of course, the words “all” and “never” are rarely true). … Continue reading

Freakin’ Blue Angels

Damnit! Blue Angels! Every time, you scare the crap out of me. Last year I lived in the CD (Central District) and it seemed they were flying over my apartment every 5 minutes. That’s likely an exaggeration. I do love airplanes. I think they’re something like miracles. Every time I get on one I geek … Continue reading

B & O, A Bit Cheeky and a Bit of a Walk

It’s a sign our elected government officials, or one of their sorely underpaid employees, actually pay attention to individual voices. I sent a quick, generic message to Senator Edward Murray to let him know I was in support of Planned Parenthood. I accidentally sent this twice. I received, in fairness, a generic message in reply. … Continue reading