10th Annual Polar Bear Plunge

On the drive over to Matthews Beach yesterday morning, I was feeling nervous. What was I nuts?! Who jumps into a lake with a temp of a little less than 40 degrees!? Who does that? Only crazy people! That’s why I said last year and that’s what I said when a friend told me she … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Parties in Seattle

Well it’s been quite the full week! Unexpectedly on vacation, I’ve been working on errands it normally takes me forever to get around to because I’m working, cooking, studying or squeezing in an hour of exercise where I can manage. Phew. I finally got a new phone and not just any phone but an iPhone. … Continue reading

Midnight Night Mass on First Hill

If I have been to a Catholic Midnight Mass before, I do not remember it. As far as I know, Christmas Eve this year was the first time I have attended on. I went to St. James Cathedral on First Hill. Among the hospitals and dark corners sits this stunning church. It’s a little surprising, … Continue reading

Christmas Lights: Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Last week, on a whim, I visited the Bellevue Botanical Garden Christmas Lights. I’ve  been to a few of these before. It’s always very  nice but I have never seen anything like this. Volunteers spent nearly 10,000 hours putting these lights together. It took that long because the light flowers are handmade.  In the spring … Continue reading

NetIP’s Diwalia Gala & Black Friday

The above photo was taken today. Photo provided by Komonews. Random Thought: Can you believe people break up via text and social media? That is ridiculous. Also interesting, these stats show that significant others either call or text at almost the same percentage, 65-67%. It’s just so easy to text! I never thought I’d be … Continue reading

Kicking Off The Fall Season

Fall isn’t popular with Seattlites since it means Winter is looming around the corner. That means hardly any sunlight. They’re very sensitive about their sun. Summer was rather short this year. Meh. I say we’re still getting some decent weather. It was so bright out today! A perfect precursor to perfect Fall days! Tonight I went to … Continue reading

Tomatoes, DJs and Beer!

Oh Seattle! I am so excited for the Tomato Battle next Saturday! There will be Hot Tomatoes (lovely ladies) and a Hot Tomato Queen who gets to start the entire battle! Next year, I am definitely going up for that title. Who doesn’t want a Tomato Queen Sash?! Good luck to the contestants. So what … Continue reading

Freakin’ Blue Angels

Damnit! Blue Angels! Every time, you scare the crap out of me. Last year I lived in the CD (Central District) and it seemed they were flying over my apartment every 5 minutes. That’s likely an exaggeration. I do love airplanes. I think they’re something like miracles. Every time I get on one I geek … Continue reading

Let Freedom Ring

So did you hear about that terrorist plot? Yeah. I heard about it in the most awkward way. From a friend back in Ohio. Yeah. I should watch the news but I’d rather read. No, I’d rather listen to the news on the radio which is when I would’ve been informed had I not randomly … Continue reading

FolkLife Festival

Folklife Festival is must experience for all who live in Seattle or are simply dropping by. It is a unique festival. The vibe is so different from any other festival I’ve attended. There is a truly joyful, laid-back spirit there and most of us fools are out there dancing like nobody is watching. There are … Continue reading