Mayoral Debate

The Seattle library has fantastic events. I mean, really. Normally, I find library events boring, tedious and asking myself the question, “How many gardening talks do we need to have?? Really!?” That’s what it’s like in other cities, folks. But not in Seattle! Next Tuesday, July 16th, one of the mayoral debates is happening located … Continue reading

Seattle’s Town Hall: Daniel Brook & Peter Blair Henry

A few weeks ago, I was listening to an NPR segment discussing Leopold somebody. Alright, I was half listening. The story teller mentioned that lectures were the entertainment back in the day. Instead of movies, Twitter, Facebook, T.V., etc. A light bulb went off. For as much as I love discussion, for the life of … Continue reading

Help Little Seattle Ob Fight Blood Cancer!

Yes, I’m calling on you now. This past November I decided to do something crazy. I signed up to run a marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Look. Some people like to jump out of planes. Some like to bungee jump off of bridges. None of those things are for me. But running 26 … Continue reading

Snow Day in Seattle!

Hey Seattlites! If you are itching for some Snow Day time, set your worries aside and put your hats, gloves and scarves on. The Boys and Girls Club in Seattle are putting on a Snow Day event this Saturday, Jan 12th! I just caught wind of this through one of my Meetup groups. The location … Continue reading

Does God Exist?

Last night, at Everett Community College two people, Gary Jensen of the Zion Lutheran Church in Snohomish and Jim Corbett speaking for Humanists of North Puget Sound, got together to discuss this topic in front of about 50 people. It was a fairly small crowd but it was an active one and not the usual … Continue reading

Meeting Richard Ford

I’ve never gone to “one of those book readings” before. Usually, I haven’t read the book, nor heard of the author. Sometimes the author is so popular I dread the crowd. I had no idea who Richard Ford was. I saw his picture on the Seattle Public Library website, clicked on the link and read … Continue reading

Mother’s Day in Seattle

In The Waiter’s Rant, I read a bit of advice I now adhere too: avoid restaurants on holidays. The service will not be as good as you expect because they’re swamped. Unfortunately, my  mother doesn’t live in Seattle (yet) so I don’t have to worry about that this year but I still looked around town … Continue reading

“Hush Hush” at The Living Room

If you happen to be in Capitol Hill tonight, want to experience something new or chill out in a loungey area with some great music, stop by The Living Room located on Olive Way & Melrose. My friend, and KEXP’s DJ Alex (who has been featured on The Stranger recently), along with special guest IG88 … Continue reading

Free Meditation Courses in Seattle

There are few things I love more than grabbing a slice or two of Hot Mama’s pizza and reading in the park. Or while walking. Today an older lady told me, “You need a talking book!” I laughed.  She said, “You’re going to run into something.” “Nope. I’ve been doing this for years and haven’t … Continue reading

Give Big & Continue Giving Through Your Vacation This Year!

Today is a GREAT day to give to non-profits and charities! I was so excited when I saw this ad a week or so ago. The Seattle Foundation is a collection of companies who have pulled together monetary resources and are ready to match your donation to any of the hundreds of non-profits you wish … Continue reading