Help Little Seattle Ob Fight Blood Cancer!

Yes, I’m calling on you now. This past November I decided to do something crazy. I signed up to run a marathon for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Look. Some people like to jump out of planes. Some like to bungee jump off of bridges. None of those things are for me. But running 26 … Continue reading

Reading in 2012

Before I begin with the actual subject of the post, I’ve had a few fun reminders and interesting new things I’ve learned about dogs. A bone does not last a few days, as I was thinking. It lasts an hour, tops. I could hear Harvey ripping it apart. I thought OMG! I HAZ A BEAST … Continue reading

Why Seattle is the Best

This post about how freakin’ awesome Seattle is far surpasses my own ability of wit and the written word. I cannot stop laughing. You have to read because it is redunkuless but if there was ever words put together that explain my obsessed, bat-shit-crazy-head-over-heels love for Seattle, this person did it. The comments are even … Continue reading