Mark Morris Rocks Seattle

Ahem, Mark Morris is in town. Tonight through this Saturday. Kind of a big deal. He’s a world-renown choreographer. Brilliant. I’m not into modern dance all that much but he is famous for a reason. Tickets begin at $25. That’s a bargain to see a man who changed the world through dance. Get your tickets … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Jai Ho!

This Saturday is a very special Saturday. Jai Ho Parties are special for me as it is (I met my boyfriend there and I’ve had nothing but awesome dance experiences every time I’ve gone). This Saturday marks the one-year-anniversary. I couldn’t get The Stranger to write about it (boo hiss!) so I figured I would … Continue reading

Disco Dandiya! Dy-no-mite!

“Bollywood.” “What? What’s Bollywood? What is this movie?” My sister has always kept me up to speed with the current trends. It was maybe five or six years ago when she was home on her break from University and I walked into the living room with the movie Bride and Prejudice blaring on the t.v. … Continue reading