A Doll’s House

Senator Patty Murray, thank you for saying this about the VAWA.

Alright Seattlites! Any crazies out there who did the Polar Bear Plunge at Matthews Beach this year? I did it last year and it was a BLAST. Perhaps I’ll do it next year again and hopefully won’t have a cold then. 😛 I was busy relaxing that day unlike you crazies, jumping around and such. Actually, I was just bummed I couldn’t do it this year. But next year, next year.. for sure.

And in case you were thinking about your health New Years Resolution, make sure to read this. Pretty interesting.


Though I like plays, I don’t like them enough to see them on a regular basis. That’s kind of absurd since I live in a fantastic place to see lots of plays. Seattle is rich with music, food, drinks, plays, operas and all kinds of entertainment. I subscribe to Seattle Magazine’s “The Must List.” If you aren’t subscribed, you should be. This week’s must list showcased The Seattle Shakespeare Company’s version of A Doll’s House. Now that sounds interesting. It’s the classic “stand by your man” and lie for him because you love him bit. Then the truth comes out. *Rubs hands together* Sounds like a great play to me. I’ve never read it nor seen it but now I can’t imagine not going. Plus tickets start at only $22! Not bad! If you want to read more about it, go here.

Do you have any on your list this year?

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