Reading in 2012

Before I begin with the actual subject of the post, I’ve had a few fun reminders and interesting new things I’ve learned about dogs.
A bone does not last a few days, as I was thinking. It lasts an hour, tops. I could hear Harvey ripping it apart. I thought OMG! I HAZ A BEAST IN MAI HOUSE!!
He’s just super awesome and strong!
Formosan dogs FTW!
Second, picking up a steaming hot pile of dog poop as a responsible dog owner? Not as gross as I thought.

AND! I knew I wasn’t crazy. There WAS frost on the ground! The photo is taken from my walk this morning with Harvey.


This year I made a goal to read 30 books. I am 3 books away so I am reading little tiny books. Is this cheating? Possibly but I really want to meet this goal! I’ve read 27 books within 8 months, basically. I thought I was nuts to attempt it but I’m almost there! And I don’t feel slammed with it. A co-worker asked me for recommendations of websites he could read to add to his daily reading. I thought I just read a few websites. Nope. 16. That is how many I check on a regular basis. Holy. Crapola. No wonder I am not getting through as many books as I wanted! Does anyone else feel the pressure to stay updated on news, current thought and books? It’s a juggling act!

Here’s my List of Sites I Read Regularly:

The Economist
The Stranger
The Young Turks
Mish’s Economic Analysis (fantastic!)
Huffington Post
Jezebel (meh–not a giant fan but they have good stories sometimes)
The Upworthiest
The Goodmen Project
Capitol Hill Blog
Mother Jones

Shoot, I do not remember the rest. What do you read?! Any recommendations? I have only ONE conservative site! That’s Mish. He’s fiscally conservative, which I appreciate a great deal.

The Seattle Public Library posted a list of the top books of 2012 from The Seattle Times.  The only book on that list I plan to read is “Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.” I still haven’t seen, Lincoln! Crap! I’m so behind!


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