Another Seattle Dog Lover

Oh yes, Seattle. I did it.
I mean, I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Searching. Researching. Talking. Dreaming. And looking. Lots of looking.
It was so hard! I mean, everyone else has one!
I see them in the shops. The coffee shops, the parks, thrift stores.. I see them everywhere and people just love them! Everyone stops to chat. It’s such a social thing.
And how can you not love them?

Yes, Seattle, I finally found my daw-ggie. Finally. I was worried because I’ve never owned a dog in a city. I’ve never had to do the pick-the-poop-up-in-a-bag-over-my-hand-thing. That was a gross thought but hey. Is it really so bad?

It’s not actually. It’s perfectly fine and it’s amusing to see the steam off the poop and I’m scooping it up with plastic-bag-covered-hand. Ew. But not so bad. Just funny.


Harvey, formerly know as Symba, and I meet a few weeks ago through The Salty Dog Rescue. I named him after one of my favorite movies from childhood with Jimmy Stewart in it: Harvey. An Imaginary 6 foot rabbit, or was he? If you aren’t familiar, check it out here.

He seemed like he kept to himself. And he did, until he pushed his paw against my leg after I stopped petting him. His foster parent laughed saying that this was how he liked to tell you to keep going. When we parted ways, he kept looking back at me and though he wasn’t the dog I was initially interested in, I had a feeling I’d bring the pooch home to my roost.

He’s a Basenji/Terrier mix (also known as a Formosan Mountain Dog). A street dog from Taiwan who was abandoned and malnourished. This caused him to lose all his fur and honestly, I did feel a little strange about a hairless dog. Luckily, a good friend of mine has a hairless cat (that is bred to be one), so I had a decent introduction. Hairlessness kind of weirds people out a bit. It weirded me out a bit too but he was just so.. so, sweet that it was.. I don’t know. There was something about him that helped me get over my per-conceived notions on how a dog should “be.” He had all these quirks. Like, not liking to walk in the rain (that’s probably because it doesn’t feel so great on his skin and makes him a little chillier than he’d like to be). When he’s sassy, he’s more like a grumpy old man. If he doesn’t know you, he only likes to be pet a certain way and he seemed pretty chill. Like a quiet dog. And he is but he’s one of those “quiet until he gets to know you types.”

When I took his rain jacket off of him for the first time, he ran around my apartment for a bit. It reminded me of little kids who run around after getting out of the bath tub.
“I’m freeeee!!! And running naaaaked!”
It’s cool. I feel ya, Harvey. I’m kinda the same way.


Now he follows me around the apartment, wagging his tail, sort of running in circles.
“Look at me mom! Look what I can do!”
His talents consist of running around and jumping.
Plus, not really barking which is awesome.
Though I love his growl.

One person said he looks like a dinosaur. When he growls, I think of that comment and laugh. He’s a little Harveysaurus!

But we’re working on another skill, aside from walking together and “wait.”
He’s learning to give massages!

Not kidding!
Okay, so it’s more like, he was pawing at me to pet him more while I was on the floor relaxing and I discovered he applies a little pressure when he does this. So I told him “Good boy” after he left his paw on my back. Oh, it felt so good. We did it a few more times.
Oh, it feels awesome.
Pretty soon, I won’t have to pay for those massages at Hot House anymore!

Our first week together has been very successful. He mostly, doesn’t chase the kitty but he still attempts to. He gets very excited that someone is there to play with. But she’s not too excited, yet. They’ve already touched noses, sniffed each other, etc. She just isn’t comfortable with him but doesn’t mind teasing him on top of the dresser while he stares at her, wagging his tail, waiting for her to come down so he can play with her. He sleeps on his own since sleeping with me has always been kitty’s space. She’s pretty happy with this arrangement.

Mostly, he minds and listens very well. Then, there’s a stubborn streak. But he’s learning he doesn’t need to push. Within our first few minutes of walking together, we had it down, mostly. He stuck by my side and I gave him lots of petting. We walked for hours that first day!

I’ve tried running with him a few times but he seems to want to stop too much because running makes him very excited. Hahaha!
It’s fun figuring all of this out. 🙂

And I”m happy. I’m really happy because this has been a bit of a journey for me.. and he’s the perfect dog for me. We go together like ramalamadingdong (I despise that musical. Not sure why I quoted it). But we do. I love his hairlessness now. He’s so soft. And those ears, those eyes kill me every time.

I mean, c’mon.
Just look at him.


3 Responses to “Another Seattle Dog Lover”
  1. melissa smith says:

    hurray for Harvey! I had him for awhile and did some blood tests and skin scrapings on him. He is absolutely hysterical when he does the crazy running thing! He is a super sweet guy! Congratulations to you both! Dr. Melissa.

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