Thanksgiving (How Do You Feel?)

Well this week has been interesting. Seattle had actual rain. I mean, big fat rain drops. Rivers were commencing on the street. It was incredible. For such a rainy city, we don’t have that kind of rain. We have sprinkles. Our “real rain storms” happen in the spring, not in the winter. Somethin’ tells me, times are a changin’. I just heard from a Minnesotan that they had melty snow last year. Minnesota is accustomed to multiple feet of hard packed snow. It’s famous for it. Last year? Melty snow. He said, “Everyone in Minnesota knows that global warming is real.”

You can say that again to me and my loafers yesterday. Soaked within a few minutes.
I wear loafers because it doesn’t rain enough to need boots. I have no idea why Seattlites where boots. Not really needed. It’s just a fashion.
Though yesterday? Definitely needed them.

Guard Dog

I waved and he barked at me for quite a while. Apparently, he didn’t like my wave. So then he decided to stand up like this and stare at me. Kind of hilarious.

Tonight I went to a coffee shop and found myself in a conversation with a conservative from South Carolina who’s just moved to Seattle. He loves it. Which I find refreshing. He’s also in a chaplain program. I asked him what he liked about Seattle so far? This was one of the few questions I had a chance to ask him because he was great at asking questions and I like giving thoughtful answers but you know.. I hope I run into John again because I’d like to be able to ask more questions.

So his answer, “It has everything I want here.. People are so… unique.”
We discussed feminism in theology. He said he was shocked that a feminist was arguing for conservative skirt lengths because to have so much skin showing would be objectifying the woman.
I thought it was great we were able to have an interesting conversation for a half hour.
A respectful one.
He’s a Christian and I’m an Atheist.
He’s conservative and I’m not (no idea what I am though).
He thinks Indian food is stinky and I love it.

We were polar opposites in lots of ways and totally enjoying engaging with someone so very different. To me, that’s what Seattle is all about.

So thanks, Seattle. For being wonderful.
That’s what I am going to celebrate tomorrow.
Speaking of Turkey Day, there is a run called the  “Turkey Trot” throughout in Ballard (Golden Gardens park) that will benefit the Ballard Food Bank! I’m personally participating in a Turkey Trot in West Seattle with my Team in Training peoples (who I have yet to meet!) on Alki Beach in 8 hours (that would be 8am). We’re donating food to the West Seattle Food Bank! If you haven’t heard, I’m running a marathon. Oh.. good grief.. I don’t know what has compelled me to do this but something has. I run three miles max. This shall be interesting. But I’m running for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. I love that there are so many runners in Seattle. We are a biking, running, hiking kind of people and most of it is for charity. I dig that. 🙂

So tomorrow, I will also be grateful for the run.. to make up for the food I’ll eat later! 😀

But if you want the real, sad story behind Thanksgiving, read this. It has always been my favorite holiday.. but the beginnings are so awful.. I’m not sure how I feel about it anymore.  This is the beginning of that article:

“In 1637 Governor of Massachusetts declared the first Thanksgiving to celebrate the return of the men from the massacre of 700 Pequot men, women and children.”

Look, I know this isn’t what Thanksgiving is for us now.. and I don’t want to be a buzz kill (the food, the food) .. but.. This is real. This happened and this is how it began. We have nice things about it now but that’s not what it was. I am having trouble completing thoughts about it. Is it weird that we celebrate it? How do you feel? Regardless, I do hope you have a great Thanksgiving.. and I like that we have turned it into a nice thing.. but let us not forget how and why it began. I think to do that is a great disservice and dishonorable.

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