Party Like It’s Mumbai (Happy Independence Day, India!)


Quite a bit has been going on here in the Little Seattle Ob’s world! It’s been an awesome summer (enjoying my pool) with friends (lots of parties) and with so many things to do it’s a wonder I get any time to sleep. Tonight, I’m definitely not going to get any because for the first time ever at the See Sound Lounge, there are SIX Bollywood DJs under one roof! Holy cow!

I’m a fan of dancing to Bollywood and I have been since I discovered Bollywood dance parties back in 2010 right here in Seattle. If you’re not sure how it feels to dance to Bollywood music, go. For me, it was the best kind of dance party to discover because it took my hip hop foundation to a whole new level. No bump-n-grind here (watch out-you will get looked at funny), but it’s just as much fun with way more jumping, shoulder shaking and hand signals. Not kidding. Trust me, you’ll have the time of your life.

So what’s so special about tonight aside from 6 DJs? Well, in addition to some local DJs: DJ Kazan who regularly plays at Trinity and has appeared on MTV (paired up with twin LIVE drummers DHOLIS Styxxx & Burn: holy cow, these guys get my blood pumping and excited EVERY time), DJ Anup who is featured at the Nectar and the Baltic Room (Remember “I (heart) Shiva” nights?), and DJ Ambush & DJ RDX (I’ve not heard them before but Bollywood and Hip Hop together?!! YUS PLSTHX! The two naturally go together and I’m so glad someone local has been rockin’ that combo for over a decade). DJ Prashant (dancing his way up from Portland) will be there! (Jai Ho!). I’ve written about his parties a few times since I go monthly.

The big headliner for the evening is DJ Akbar Sami-all the way from Mumbai, India. He’s known as the “King of Bollywood Remixes,” and has done the official remixes for plenty of Bollywood movies. It’s a special, special treat tonight not only because he is here in Seattle but also because it is in celebration of India’s 65th year of Independence.

“Although he’s played in a number of countries over the years, not many people are aware that Akbar has been playing in the US on August 15 every year for the past seven years. “I always start the show with Vande Mataram,” he says with a hint of pride in his voice. Naturally, it is a big honour to represent one’s country on an international platform.” -India Times, “Yet Another Jalwa of DJ Akbar Sami,” Aug 25 2010

I’m expecting to hear that song tonight DJ Akbar Sami! ^_^ India’s path to Independence from the British Raj is something that has fascinated me, left me heartbroken (stupid injustice!) and impressed me more than I have ever been able to put into words. I don’t want you to read this thinking, “Okay, cool. India is independent. That’s awesome.” No, it’s more than awesome if you know a bit of history. There was so much work that had to be done. It took decades upon decades. Many uprisings and pulling together people who couldn’t read or write (making an election difficult), princely states to pull together (you think dealing with your teenage daughter is difficult? 😉 Try dealing with hundreds, nearly a thousand, mini-kingdoms), communicating through hundreds of languages.. the challenge was vast but they did it. So yeah, you bet you better come out and celebrate 65 years of the day they pulled everyone together and united. That is.. amazing. And what better way than to have the FIRST world-wide famous Indian DJ, DJ Akbar Sami, to take us through this momentous anniversary?

2 Responses to “Party Like It’s Mumbai (Happy Independence Day, India!)”
  1. Kishor says:

    This is goign to be a EPIC Event !!!!… Dont Miss Out !

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