Crystal Mountain, Movies & Shameless Plug

I love Seattle Magazine (Hey! Where is my subscription? I haven’t seen it in months! Maybe I forgot to re-subscribe :P). I love getting their Thursday email of “Musts.” In case you were still itching to ski and haven’t tried it yet this season (ahem, <looks at self>), Crystal Mountain is still open and it plans to run right through Memorial Day weekend (oh frick, oh frick! Folklife Festival is coming up!). I’ve yet to go. Yes, I’ve been a baa-aa-aa-aad Seattlite. Funny thing is I bought snow pants. Remember this entry?


Okay, okay.. SIFF has officially commenced last night. I didn’t go see the opening and I have not yet cracked open my SIFF bible, however, a friend submitted a list of suggestions of movies to see and so I feel like all the work has been done for me. That’s my excuse. There are SO many good films EVERY year and I get stuck. Too many choices. Ah, the problems we have. 🙂 What movies are YOU planning to see? Any suggestions?

I just realized most of my tweets lately consist of how many pages
in a book I’ve read. I’ve been reading in the park a lot. 🙂
I can’t seem to get enough! I’m a reading fiend!


If you’re on my Facebook, you can skip this next part.

I haven’t written about it yet on WordPress. Why? I dunno. I don’t want to be a spammer. I don’t yet know how to be excited and happy without vomiting it on everyone. Meh. Balance right? I’ll figure it out.

So if you’re thinking of traveling this year: BOOK THROUGH ME! Why?
Because booking through me makes the world a better place.
Yeah. Not be sarcastic or silly this time.

I work with GW Travel and Cruise. We have the inside scoop, we have deals but that’s not what makes us special. What makes us special is that we are also a non-profit: Great Western Travel Foundation. We donate a minimum of 20% of gross commissionsfrom trips booked to charity. You can donate to a specific charity partnered with us (don’t worry, we’re working on more.  I can’t wait to tell you about the current prospects!) or you can spread the wealth through all the charities partnered with us. What do these non-profits do?

They make sure foster kids get the educational help they need.. and school pictures, and summer camp .. You know, things that make kids feel like normal kids.
That means a lot to a foster kid. (
Puppies are helped. Yay! (
Some of our non-profits make sure the world does not go hungry (
Shelter for battered women (and their children) and emotional support (
Compassionate care for those affected by HIV/AIDS (

There are so many other partners. Please check out our page that lists all of our non-profit partners.

So what kind of fun travel do we offer? Oh my god. So much. I don’t know where to begin. We can do anything (except booking air: blame the airlines on that one).

Wanna do an ecotourism in South America, Asia, on islands? A relaxing cruise (for those who are dead set against cruises: it’s not what you think; even I’M excited about cruising now! So much freedom and places to see!)? Hiking is more your thing? Spas and wellness is more your thing? High end luxuries down the Amazon? I’ve got that. Private chef. Any diet accommodations. Unlimited alcohol. *sigh* Wow. 🙂

I’ve got you covered. You name it; I’ll find it. Every day I receive (too many) emails with info that gives me a heads up long before you get it. Norwegian Cruise Line just offered up to $1k airfare credit if you take one of their European cruises.Sweet. And remember: you can split a room with one to five people depending on which cruise and which room you take.

Email me for more info. And remember: nothing wrong with asking a question. I’m here to help you and them (charities).

Today, these are the things I can’t stop talking about:

Ecotourism in Costa Rica. Baby turtles, zip lining. Sugar cane and coffee tour!!  YES!
Hong Kong Cultural Walking Tour. Lots of markets, hotel for 6 days, 5 nights, ground transportation, nearly all-inclusive (except lunch and dinner. You’ll want to go out on your own for that anyway) and only $735. Could not believe it, man.


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