Mother’s Day in Seattle

In The Waiter’s Rant, I read a bit of advice I now adhere too: avoid restaurants on holidays. The service will not be as good as you expect because they’re swamped. Unfortunately, my  mother doesn’t live in Seattle (yet) so I don’t have to worry about that this year but I still looked around town to see what’s going on.

Tonight, there is a classical Indian concert going on at Town Hall from 7-9pm: Dhwani featuring Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, “Master of the Sarod.” Amjad Ali Khan is a noted and well known musician in India. I’m told he’s a beautiful player and I can’t wait to listen to him, and his sons, tonight! Tickets begin at $30. Part of the proceeds go to benefit grassroots development projects in India. It’s going to be an amazing, peaceful evening with food!

At Jazz Alley, Chick Corea will be playing. *sigh* I have missed this guy 3 times since I moved to Seattle. GAH! Someone go for me, please, and cheer on this genius of a musician.  He’s part of a trio with Jack DeJohnette (who I saw last year; OUTSTANDING) and Stanley Clark. All of these men are jazz legends and highly notable.  Tickets begin at $50. Yeah, Jazz Alley is always pricey but they do have some of the best musicians for decades swingin’ on through. There are two show times: 7:30 and 9:30. I always suggest the later show as I think musicians are more warmed up at that point; able to dig deeper into their ideas.

Or if your mother isn’t into music for celebrations, you could take her to Town Hall to hear Chris Mooney speak about his book, The Republican Brain which sounds more like humor than anything I can take seriously. I mean, it’s easy to poke at the Republicans but c’mon. Still, if I wasn’t attending this concert, I’d seriously considering listening to Chris Mooney speak. $5 to get in. 7:30-9pm.

You could also tell your mom thank you by attempting to make her a pie this year! I was listening to KPLU’s Weekday segment this morning when I heard them talking about pie tips and recipes. As a pie-maker myself, I’d say these were great tips and ideas. It’s going to be so nice out this weekend, I wished I could make my mom a pie and sit in Volunteer Park. I hope someone else does this for their mom 🙂

You could take your  mom and a cruise with Argosy Cruises. It’s going to be great weather for that as well!

At Discovery Park tomorrow (May 12th), they are celebrating International Migratory Bird Day Bird Tour. It’s from 7-9am. It’s early but it sounds awesome! Spend the morning welcoming migrant birds! It’s $3 per person. Think how nice it would be to go out on a walk in the cool, sunny morning and then take your momma out for a nice relaxed brunch. You’d beat everyone to the punch! But you do need to register (just in case you don’t have binoculars). Call 206.386.4236 or email

There are going to be a ton of Mother’s Day specials happening. That’s easy to spot. But I think it’s best to try and think of something creative or a little different if you can (though nothing wrong with depending on the classics). What are you going to do for you mother this Sunday?


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