Give Big & Continue Giving Through Your Vacation This Year!

Today is a GREAT day to give to non-profits and charities! I was so excited when I saw this ad a week or so ago. The Seattle Foundation is a collection of companies who have pulled together monetary resources and are ready to match your donation to any of the hundreds of non-profits you wish to donate to. Just make sure to do it through the website,, so your donation can be matched. The catch isthis is for today only. So be sure to do a little something while you can. And hey, we have quite a name to live up to: the Dali Lama named Seattle America’s most compassionate city. Let’s keep giving 🙂

It’s an excellent way to kick off May, don’t you think?

Also, if you want to keep giving and having fun while you’re doing it, I have another option for you: Me. Yep. I work for a non-profit as a travel agent. It works like this, when you book through us, 20-30% goes to your favorite non-profit or charity. Dude, how can anyone lose? It’s TOO AWESOME! I was so excited when I heard about it, I bugged the hiring director to let me work for them because it is so amazing! So contact me for your next vacation no matter how big or small, it doesn’t matter!

You can call me at 208-297-3599.
Email me:

Visit our website to see our current non-profits (Psst, we’re always working on obtaining more. Currently I’m beginning talks with a few in the area that I am super excited about it but I don’t want to say anything until something concrete is on the table :)).

So who are some of your favorite non-profits and charities? 🙂


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