Pine and Melrose Building Bought by Madison Development Group

This is very bad news, folks. Let me first say, I’m a huge supporter of updating buildings and progressing but I do not understand how this could possibly be progressing in any way, shape, or form. Many people are already outraged.

I’m pretty shocked to read the news today. Perhaps this wouldn’t be so devastating if the developers designed buildings that not only kept the Seattle spirit but also gave it room to grow. But they are not. They will only deliver more of the same cookie-cutter crap in Bellevue. As far as I’m concerned, these eastside developers should keep it in their pants. That’s my one sharp line I’ll say about it. Some people really enjoy the suburban sprawl. I appreciate it for what it is but I don’t want to live in it which is exactly why I live in Capitol Hill.

My hope is these designers will listen to the concerned neighbors and keep the Seattle spirit alive. I highly doubt it (They are responsible for the Safeway on 23rd and Madison) but if we press them about it, if we work together, lets hope we can accomplish something. Please read CHS’s post about it for full information.

One Response to “Pine and Melrose Building Bought by Madison Development Group”
  1. This is probably my worst post. I’m so shocked and so emotional about this spot and building, i can’t really think straight.

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