My Favorite Capitol Hill Businesses


Hey Seattlites and Seattle-lovers!

It’s been a while, I know. So much goes on within the first of the year + moving back to Capitol Hill? Yes, I was a busy girl and still am. Oh, how I missed you. I’m glad to be back. I live so close to all my favorite spots! Bauhaus Coffee Shop, Machiavelli’s (Italian Restaurant), City Market (TRULY a convenience store), Half-Price Books, Spine & Crown Books, Travellers, etc. So many lovely wonderful places to visit.

Seattle Pockets posted an entry in perfect timing with my move. I was feeling so joyus to be back in my neighborhood. It’s a great time to answer this question and pass it along. What are some of your favorite Capitol Hill businesses?

Bauhaus was my first love in Seattle. Within my first week I found it because my then-roommate recommended it to me. It is the perfect spot. I love the grumpy staff still locked into the true-Seattle attitude. You’re “in” once you complain about something “cool.” It took me a while to figure it out. I think I was far too chipper for them. What hooked me on the first day was “Get Off” at 8am on a weekday morning. I’m a giant Prince fan. In my book, Bauhaus will always be the coolest coffee shop in Seattle.

I always felt convenience stores weren’t much of a convenience. Groceries tend to lack and they’re basically full of junk food for the road and alcohol. I was impressed when I walked into City Market on Bellevue Ave years ago. Not only are they stocked with a massive beer collection (for a convenience store), but they also have colored light-bulbs, energy light-bulbs, eco-friendly cleaners, cat box liners, porn, movie rentals, fresh fried food, veggies, fruits and even spices like turmeric. Amazing. City Market is what I wish all convenience stores were.

There are many answers to this question and truly, I could go on (and have) but for now I’ll stop.


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