Valentines Day With Vibrant Chocolates

(My favorite Bollywood party was featured on this blog! Check it out! Seriously! You gotta come next month to Chop Suey if you didn’t make it this past weekend)

This how I initially began this post, “So you know what’s coming up this Thursday, right?” Then I decided to check the Seattle Met’s “Burger Brawl.” Yeah. It’s already sold out! Holy cow! Well, congrats to Seattle Met for selling all their tickets but can’t you squeeze in a few more of us procrastinators? I’ve been dreaming about this one for weeks. *sigh* Ah well. Who knew Seattlites would be so geared up for burgers this time of year?

WELL, if you DID get your ticket early, I’m JEALOUS!

In other news, if you want to spoil your sweetheart this Valentines Day, considering giving them a bacon bouquet. 😀 I saw the idea on Facebook. But in all seriousness..

If your sweetheart would be offended by that, consider giving them these delicious vitamin chocolates created by Vibrant Chocolate, a new business in Seattle. They have feisty names like “CARAMEL SNAP ATTACK!” (caps are mine because I’m imagining a T-Rex or a pterodactyl chomping on them.) This delicious salted caramel treat has 500 mg of omega-3. Want more omega-3? The Long Life Cocktail Bar sampler pack has 1,000 mg !  Need a little more delicious Vitamin D? Check out their Hazelnut Crunch (with more than you can get in a glass of milk, this chocolate provides 100%) or their Peanut Butter Sunshine box.

But don’t worry if you can’t decide. You can make your own special sample box 🙂


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