Why Seattle is the Best

This post about how freakin’ awesome Seattle is far surpasses my own ability of wit and the written word. I cannot stop laughing. You have to read because it is redunkuless but if there was ever words put together that explain my obsessed, bat-shit-crazy-head-over-heels love for Seattle, this person did it.

The comments are even better.

That is all for today because I’m kind of sleepy and trying to win over this editor to let me write for him. I need to concentrate. All my superpowers must be used for money because how else am I going to enjoy salmon and cougar meat (read the post).

One Response to “Why Seattle is the Best”
  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Seattle was the best until the Sonics went away. Payton to the Rainman. Slam!

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