Seattle Smash Putt + Bhangra Heats the Night!

It’s been a little hectic for me this past week (erm, research paper proposals are far more stressful than the paper itself) so I haven’t written much. BUT today I HAD to write to inform you of two events going on this weekend.

I thought SmashPutt would be sold out but it is not! If you’re reading this (it better be on your phone; you should be out and about right now! If you’re not stuck in the snow), SmashPutt has a late happy hour tonight from 11pm-2am. Each ticket is only $11. Sunday afternoon is open and tickets are $11-12.50 depending on when you decide to go. There are VIP tickets still available (for $100-125).

So GO smash your balls with LOVE!

Second, the Jai Ho Party is upon us! Likely you’ve been stuck inside all week like the rest of us. Come get your bhangra on @Chop Suey AND be seen on t.v.!! DJ Prashant and his crew are being interviewed by Evening Magazine of KINGTV 5; so be sure to be there on time (Show up before 10pm and it’s FREE! No cover!)

2 Responses to “Seattle Smash Putt + Bhangra Heats the Night!”
  1. Keridwyn says:

    What a fun blog! I’m sad to miss Smashputt again but hope to catch it next time! Adding you to my google reader now!

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