Seattle’s 3rd Nerd Nite

Months ago, I found Seattle’s Nerd Nite on Twitter. That’s a very funny statement for me because I always loathed Twitter (“What’s the point?!” I exclaimed. Well, actually, it’s pretty  handy. I am converted). Now I enjoy it. Anyway, Nerd Nite. Right, that’s what I was talking about. So what is a Nerd Nite? Is it D & D? Is it chess tournaments? Is it Dr. Who marathons? Honestly, I have trouble remembering the difference between geeks and nerds. I’m not sure which category I fall into. Probably nerd because I’m not very techy and isn’t that a geek area? Who knows but maybe I’ll figure it out on January 16th (that’s a Monday) at LUCID Jazz Lounge.

Nerd Nite is not just a local thing, not just a national thing but a world-wide movement where nerds come together for a few cocktails and talk about.. stuff. Like was the moon landing real or fake? If it was fake, how would they have tricked us? And how to do improvisational comedy (Those topics are going to be discussed this Monday). In Dublin they’re discussing password insecurity; Toronto will be nerding over how we use microchips and laughing over the origination of “So this guy walks into a bar..” and New York City Nerds will be speed dating in a few weeks.

Well, it’s only the 3rd Nerd Nite for Seattle and since three times a charm I think you outta give it a go (like I’m going to). Cover charge is only $5.

2 Responses to “Seattle’s 3rd Nerd Nite”
  1. YeahYeah says:

    It’s another sad day when I see yet another post that perpetuates the hateful stereotype of, so-called, “nerds.” Why didn’t you tape the bridge of those glasses as well?!

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