Collage: An Arist’s Cooperative Gallery

Over the holiday break, unexpectedly I found an amazing little shop that just happened to open after 9pm on a weekday at Carillon Point. My group and I had just gotten off the Argosy Cruise’s annual Christmas Ship and every other shop was closed. These two awesome ladies had decided to hang around and see if they would get any customers. Lucky for them and lucky for us.

It was an artist co-op gallery called Collage. Initially it was these gorgeous crafty little display plates; I remember the blue, chunky Spaceneedle. The two ladies asked if my group and I would like to come in. At first I said I didn’t want to trouble them because I didn’t think I would buy anything and I felt terrible for raising their hopes but they were encouraging.. so we went in. I have never been so happy to step inside a store. Not even a bookstore (okay, okay, I’m lying; Nothing can take the place of a bookstore for me but it was close call).

My sister purchased a hand-drawn coloring book. Whatever the artist felt like drawing, she did and just.. turned it into an awesome coloring book! It’s a favorite pastime for me and my sister. It was perfect timing because we were going home to watch movies. Besides Coke and popcorn, I can’t think of a better accompanying activity.

There were handmade wine bottle tops, purses, ornaments, costumes for the kiddos and so many other things. I wish I could remember them all but they’re always updating and the sales clerks were, did I mention they were awesome?

If you want unique (but awesome-not unique as in “I want to say this is lame, politely.”) It’s all reasonably priced too! So go support the locals, go enjoy some of that holiday cash burning a hole in your pocket and check out this awesome store! Hey Valentine’s Day is coming up.. 😉

One Response to “Collage: An Arist’s Cooperative Gallery”
  1. Andria says:

    Emily will be proud to see what you did with her designs!! As one of the Collage artists, I can speak for all us that we truly appreciate your write-up for Collage and your highlight of Emily’s coloring book. How fun to see what grown-ups do with her inspired designs 🙂

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