Best Burgers in Seattle

Lately I’ve been craving burgers.  BIG time. Like never before. Lucky for me, Seattle Mag anticipated this craving and wrote a big ol’ section about the best burgers in Seattle. Personally, I love the Deluxe Bar and Grill’s burgers on Capitol Hill, Red Mill in Greenwood and the classic Dick’s hamburgers too (Isn’t it fun to say, “Yeah. I could really go for some Dick’s right now.” It never gets old for me). My next stop is try out Burger Master!

(Question: Is it really okay to include the burger from Five Guys in the best burgers list, Seattle Mag? I thought this was all Seattle-based. ) In the spirit of burger madness (really, how did January inspire that? I don’t know how they anticipated it but it works), there is a burger bun’anza coming up on January 26th called The Burger Brawl, where tons of chefs and restaurants come to show off their stuff. Tickets are $40 and you get slider sized samples of participating restaurants + 2 drinks! NICE! That’s a sweet deal!

What are some of your favorite burger places in Seattle?


If you haven’t heard, Kenny G on Ice is coming to town and it’s sponsored by Pandora. I’m thoroughly disappointed with you Pandora! You’re supposed to be cool. However, Kenny G + Ice Show seems wildly appropriate.


2 Responses to “Best Burgers in Seattle”
  1. Shannon says:

    It’s equally fun to say “I miss Dicks” and not be lying… Haha!

  2. Louis says:

    You should probably try “Zippy’s” in White Center before you completely give the title away.

    Seattle Met Magazine featured one of their burgers as the best, and put it on the front cover a couple of years ago.

    At that time, Zippy’s was located in a complete hole-in-the-wall small spot in a small-ish strip mall in West Seattle. It was only for the opportunity of more space that they now moved less than a block from Seattle proper.

    Take any of the main buses which serve “White Center” (125, 120, etc.) and get off at 15th & Roxbury (in front of a Bartell’s). Zippy’s is immediately behind the Bartell’s and across the street. You can do due diligence to Zippy’s for the cost of one bus fare (on the same transfer).

    Don’t stray too far from the main Zippy’s burger, because you have to get the core flavor of the sauce, ideally not masked by too much cutesy spontanaiety on your own part.

    PS – Curiously Burger Master has awesome grilled-cheese sandwiches!

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