Just Another Rainy Day, Seattle

Seattle was sloshy today. I mean, juuust sloshy. Seattle is famous for its rain but let’s be honest, it’s not really rain. It’s spitting. Clouds spit on us all the time here in Seattle. It doesn’t rain. Not really. Except for today when I had to go into town to fix my class schedule at school. And I’m feeling frugal after the holidays so I don’t want to spend money on bus fare more than I have to. Which meant I walked from downtown to Broadway. Normally, that’s fine. I love that walk up Pine. It’s one of my favorites. But today it kind of sucked.

I spent most of my day walking from bus stop to bus stop. My pants were soaked to the knee today. My mock ballet flats were almost useless. Really, why do we buy these? I didn’t even want to this time around but I didn’t have any casual black shoes and they were cheap. So I bought them. I was in Macy’s over the holiday break looking for shoes to replace them (I still have a birthday gift card). Why do people spend $70+ on ballet flats? Why? They’re not comfortable, they offer no support and yes they make the feet look adorable but on rainy days they don’t offer you any sort of protection either. I bought my useless ballet flats for $10. Just sayin’.

Anyway, it was annoying but then something magical happened. Something magical happened after I missed my bus stop back to Bellevue. I smelled awful. I smelled like wet dog. I don’t even have a dog but clothes smell terrible when they’ve been rained on for hours. My pants were soaked, my shoes were soaked, the scarf on my head was no longer useful (hey, if I carry an umbrella I won’t have a free hand because undoubtedly in the other is a coffee), after all this still something magical happened. It didn’t matter that I had to walk through puddles because I was already soaked. Then my attitude changed.

I was happy to walk in those puddles because when else could I do that without becoming annoyed? (You know, people are often like animals. I know people who are like different birds, people who are similar to their dogs, well I am a cat. I don’t care to be that wet). I couldn’t get any wetter so I was able to enjoy playing in the puddles again. Actually, it was refreshing! My feet were dirty from the leaves and dirt that found its way into my shoes so every time I stepped in a puddle, I was actually rinsing my feet off. The damage had already been done and now the damage turned into something good.

That was the magical part; did you get that? It was awesome and I wanted to share that with you.

Oh, also, a photo I took last week while it briefly hailed was on the KIRO-7 news channel! I thought they posted it on the web but no such luck. Guess it was just on t.v. So cool 🙂 Thought I’d share that too.

One Response to “Just Another Rainy Day, Seattle”
  1. haha way to turn a negative into a positive. It’s rains A LOT here too, although a lot of the time it’s drizzling more than totally raining. The other day we were walking around in it and I decided that at least it was keeping us cool. My husband said it’s the best weather to ruck march in for a similar reason.

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