B & O Espresso is Open for One More Year

It is confirmed, Seattle: B & O Espresso on Capitol Hill will not close for at least another year. For the last five years, B & O has teetered on closing due to the threat of the building owner wanting to open up a new project… because Capitol Hill needs more condos? Part of the reason people move to Capitol Hill is for this coffee house! Though the business owner, Majed Lukatah, said business has been declining over the years. Sad! Where else will I get Egyptian foul (pronounced fool), the best mocha, eclairs, or a Gay Paris cocktail in one place? (and you can order a wedding cake?!). It’s a landmark! I asked the waiter if anyone has written up petitions to keep this place open and alive.

“Oh yes. For several years people have put something like that together but it doesn’t matter.”

Condos to Replace B & O Espresso

Well, I guess we should thank Seattle’s city government for taking so long to approve the building owner’s project. That’s the only thing keeping this place alive. For more detailed information on the pending project to replace B & O Espresso, click here.


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