The Princess Bride Returns & Bollywood Dance

Oh Seattle, you rock it like no one else can. There is a Princess Bride QUOTE-A-LONG this weekend! Prices are $7-12 per ticket (that includes a sword! a sword, people!). Be sure to make your way down there. It’s only scheduled for this weekend.

Some more awesomeness in the realm of movies: Fandango is doing a deal through $14 for 2 movie tickets for any movie (at theatres that use Fandango) as soon as this weekend. Too cool!

Bollywood dancing is happening this Saturday @ Chop Suey! Get more of DJ Prashant, DJ Arman and guest, DJ Dashing DeKilla! Doors open at 9pm (when the Jai Ho! Bollywood Dance Parties meetup group, well, meets). Be sure to arrive before 10pm to hear DJ DeKilla and get in for less than $10. Enjoy a chai-martini if you don’t mind a little sweet. There’s nothing like it!


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