Craigslist Slam

So many things to talk about Seattle! But before I give you the good stuff (tomorrow), I wanted to show you the low and diiiiirty Seattle. Actually, Seattlites are so nice. I know there are not so nice parts about the people here and the neighborhoods but .. really.. Have you lived in North Las Vegas? I have. It sucked. So does Detroit and many other places. Seattle is nice. ‘Nuff said.

I’m constantly scrounging through the writing sections of Craigslist. I’ve noticed this particular ad constantly coming up. A disabled woman needs help writing letters.  She needs a volunteer for this. Okay, no problem. I’ve thought about responding but she lives too far away for me to get there easily. I mean, who doesn’t want to do nice things?

Dun.. Dun…. DUUUUN!

No, it’s not that bad. Turns out, well, I’ll just copy and paste because it’s late.

“DO NOT offer assistance to this woman. She requires someone who specializes in mental health. I personally expected a woman who did not know how to work a computer, who couldn’t type potentially due to severe arthritis and so forth. But instead, I was greeted by this grand manipulator who is in fact just too damned lazy to do things for herself. She plays a victim really quite well and knows exactly when to make a moan and say her back is hurting her. I assumed she’d need documents written to “tie up loose ends” in her life, letters to distant loved ones and such. But I was wrong. What lies below is something far more childish and won’t improve her quality of life by any means.

She will want you to write letters to a local supermarket about the poor way she was treated on her last visit. She’ll exaggerate about how she was forced out of the store and was threatened that the police would be notified if she didn’t vacate the premises.

What she WON’T tell you is that she was caught months earlier in that same supermarket switching stickers on packaged food products. She’d remove the high-cost stickers and replace them with low-priced stickers and try to purchase them while lying to the management’s faces. She also WON’T tell you that she stands outside that supermarket and begs every customer for a ride home, which is a mile DOWN the hill. She is a liar, a manipulator and can fully write on her own and form her own thoughts. She does not need your charity, she needs a mental health specialist.

I have no remorse for people who abuse other people’s charity. And this woman is one of them. Don’t let yourself be swindled by her. “

Well, it answered some vague questions for me. Mystery solved! There wasn’t really a mystery. More like a curiosity. I didn’t have to kill a cat to satisfy my curiosity! Wait.. that’s not..


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