$800 Towing Fee in Cap Hill

Two weekends ago I completely  missed a friend’s hour of DJing because of the giant parking issue in Capitol Hill. I know, I know.. who doesn’t know it’s an issue? This isn’t what I’d call news by any means. I was very upset that I missed this friend’s performance because I was trying to find parking for an hour. An hour! I had anticipated it taking no more than 20-30 minutes to park. My boyfriend and I were tempted to park illegally a few times (Oh it’s just for a half hour or maybe an hour.. That’s all) but thankfully we didn’t.

This morning I read Seattle Time’s article about a nightmare towing bill, $800.

I’m so happy we chose to wait for a legal spot to park.

Look, I agree his car should have been towed because it was parked illegally. I completely agree and I don’t think it should be a cheap fee. He did something wrong and he should pay the price (as many commenters on the article are saying)… but.. $800 dollars? That’s absurd. The worst part is they could have easily charged him more. There isn’t a cap on how much towing companies can charge in this area.


I mean, I took the parking thing pretty seriously before (I’ve seen a vespa being booted!) but  now I’m just freaked.

I have circled and circled and circled looking for spots and I’ve gone waaaay out to find a parking spot too. Sometimes it’s just difficult. Sometimes it takes an hour or more. That should be the price of living in a big city; not that astronomical towing fee.


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