Happy Birthday, Jai Ho!

This Saturday is a very special Saturday. Jai Ho Parties are special for me as it is (I met my boyfriend there and I’ve had nothing but awesome dance experiences every time I’ve gone). This Saturday marks the one-year-anniversary. I couldn’t get The Stranger to write about it (boo hiss!) so I figured I would instead.

Basic Info First: The One Year Anniversary Jai Ho Party is at Chop Suey, located in Cap Hill at the triangle of 14th, Madison and Pike. The party starts this saturday, November 19th, at 9pm (Featuring DJ DeKilla), dance lessons begin at 10pm, 11pm features The Bollywood Project from our very own Seattle (they are AWESOME!) then we party until 2:00am. Cover is $7 for advance tickets online and before 10pm.

DJ Prashant is unlike any other DJ I’ve been fortunate enough to witness live. “He’s like a kid up there! He’s living his dream!” That is what is so different about DJ Prashant. He knows he’s living his dream and he is incredibly grateful. He is a joy to watch and I think his crowds are so pleased because he’s so.. happy. He doesn’t just stand behind the table in his signature scarf and sunglasses, though. He gets in front of the crowd to get his groove on and shake those shoulders!

The Jai Ho parties have become so popular over the last year, DJ Prashant and his partner, DJ Arman (who is every bit as cool as Prashant and warms up the party-which I’m never there for unfortunately) just aired a radio show last friday, November 11th!

This is great exposure for them which is very exciting because it isn’t just a party they’re promoting but an experience. “Jai Ho” means Victory to You. They, DJ Prashant and his fabulous Jai Ho Team, teach you dances (always at 10pm after guest DJs). Don’t worry if you’re not a great dancer! They go over the steps a few times and there are always people to watch in case you forget. I always end up fumbling  and falling apart within a few minutes (wow, the men at these parties can shake their shoulders way better than I ever could! They’re impressive!). None of it matters though, everyone is having a grand time. What’s awesome is that the experience they’re providing you with is like a musical tour all over India. It is a passionate party because it is his passion.

Prashant left his career as an Intel-Engineer to do this. He isn’t just a DJ but also a dance instructor who has taught in Portland, San Francisco & the Bay Area, New York City, D.C. and of course, our lovely Seattle. He taught at PCC and PSU in Portland, OR and now currently teaches at Center for Movement Arts. I hope one day we’ll be lucky enough to have him teach here in Seattle!

I write about the Jai Ho parties every month because I’m excited and look forward to it. I can’t stop talking about them.

Please, come enjoy a chai-tini and celebrate their One Year Anniversary! And cheers to many  more!


2 Responses to “Happy Birthday, Jai Ho!”
  1. Bish says:

    Minor correction: The Bollywood Project is from Seattle. Come check us out at

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