Cal Anderson Gets an Ice Rink This Holiday Season!

Whooooa Nelly! What’s that? Cal Anderson will have a freakin’ ICE RINK THIS YEAAAR?!! Oh my GOD! I could not be happier. I don’t even like ice skating (hurts ze ankles) but man that’s freakin’ cool. Admission will be $12 for adults, $6 for kiddos and will be open from 10am to 11pm in true Cap Hill spirit.

Keep in mind the price is per hour, that. Bah. Everything in Cap Hill is expensive but it’s well worth it. At least they will include free gift wrapping! The whole idea makes my belly squeal in kiddish glee (because I’m still a kid, lets face it). I think it will only add to the beauty and comfort of Cap Hill though there is some concern about the homeless population. I think it’ll be fine. Chances are, Cap Hill kids are used to it and as long as parents stick around, they should be fine.

Make sure you go a few times. This ice rink is run as a non-profit by Hunters Capitol. If they break even, they’re bring it back next year and who doesn’t want an ice rink next year?!


You know what else makes Seattle rock? Tree house weddings. Yep. I just heard about it over the weekend. The company is called Tree House Point. You could have a wedding there, a birthday party or any kind of celebration you can think of. Why not?  It’s so beautiful!


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