NetIP’s Diwalia Gala & Black Friday

The above photo was taken today. Photo provided by Komonews.

Random Thought: Can you believe people break up via text and social media? That is ridiculous. Also interesting, these stats show that significant others either call or text at almost the same percentage, 65-67%. It’s just so easy to text! I never thought I’d be a texter until there was a friend I needed  to get a hold of on a regular basis and he would only text.

Also random: Blogging is harder than it looks.

I’m just getting around to watching this Jon & Kate Plus Ei&ht. Kind of weird. I’m not sure what I think about this but I wanted to see what all the hoopla was about, years later.

This Saturday I went to NetIP’s annual Diwali Gala. The ticket proceeds benefited the organization CRY (Child Rights and You). It was held in the private club on the 76th floor of the Columbia Tower. They had an Indian wear fashion show, a belly dancer, comedians, appetizers, art for a silent auction and of course a DJ.

The fashion show was beautiful. I’m not all that into fashion but it was much more fun than I ever realized it could be. The models were clearly enjoying themselves, having fun and all the clothes were provided by a local shop, Gold N Looks. The owner of the shop was very  nice, professional and down to earth. Not pushy at all. I liked her a lot.

The belly dancer was freaking AMAZING! She made a grand entrance with “gold wings” and later balanced a sword on her hip. I think I was most excited about the clothes and belly dancer. The DJ was also pretty fun. He was a regular Bollygrooves DJ. I didn’t catch his name but we all had a very good time.

Oh wait, how could I forget the henna artist! There was so much going on at this party! She does bridal henna, too, if anyone is looking for that but is up for any kind of appointment, I’m sure. She’s a self taught artist of 7 years. She had it done one day and completely fell in love. I asked her if she was previously an artist. She said, “No. I never drew or painted or anything. You can do this without having been an artist.” It was a great reminder you really can do anything you set your mind to.

But the comedians were awkward. I could see on the MC’s face how horrified she was by the 2nd comedians jokes. He had some potential at the beginning but he continued on with shit, piss and fart jokes to a bunch of professionals. People left the room. A  lot of them. It was embarrassing.

Now that Diwali is officially, officially over, I’m looking forward to some Thanksgiving fun! Squash, pumpkins, the lovely red Starbucks cups, beautiful fall colors… some of us are eagerly awaiting Black Friday. Best Buy is now opening their doors at MIDNIGHT! MIDNIGHT! How much later can we go? I think that’s it. 6:00am wasn’t early enough? Then 4:00am wasn’t enough? Sheesh.

Well, this year I plan on making my gifts. I know, this could be bad and apologize to anyone who receives a handmade gift this year, but I’m experimenting… is it cheaper to make it? Depends on what it is I guess. Seattle is full of crafty people. I’m sure I can find some advice on this one.

7 Responses to “NetIP’s Diwalia Gala & Black Friday”
  1. smartyshal says:

    Well, Could you please voice your opinion more clearly on “Random Thought”. I am curious on how people should break up in this changed environment? Back in those days, as these mediums were unavailable and had a different approach to such issues. Now that we live in this changed environment, where socializing is more virtual than anyother given time so is approach to such issues. Any pointers?

    • Yes! It has changed a lot but I think dating still needs the same courtesy. No matter how much technology has changed over the years, people are people and deserve a face-to-face break up unless that isn’t possible (due to distance) than video chat or a phone call is okay too, though not… definitely not desirable. I can’t IMAGINE breaking up with someone over text. That is so.. strange. It’s so disconnected. It just feels very shallow, to me, though I understand break ups can happen accidentally this way too.

      Once I broke up a two year relationship, by accident, over the phone. He kept asking me questions and I just couldn’t lie. It was awful. But it was the only one, besides a long distance relationship, that ended that way. Definitely, never text or social media.. and I grew up in this generation surrounded by tweets, myspace, facebook and texting.

      Some things should never change. 🙂

      • smartyshal says:

        Interesting!! You do understand how awkward this could be face to face, Do you? People are different and everyone approaches to the issues are entirely different. In this scenario, Both parties are emotionally invovled equally considering the fact that they were in love with each other for however long time. So the damage is relatively equal to both parties involved.
        Mostly people want to know the reason and starts with “WHY?” which again may or may not lead to any further discussion.
        But hey, Answer to this entirely depends on the relationship that two individual shares. Some are very open and honest about it, Some are not quite comfortable to answer, Some lives in denial and are not ready to believe or accept but again this is an individual’s choice as everyone is unique.
        The point is that one should respect the individual’s choice based on whatever reason or circumstances made him/her to break up and move on. The other person may or may not entirely understand his/her perspective which may be one of the reason why they are breaking up.
        I do understand that this is extremely difficult, but one cannot change the fact that they are at this stance of their relationship. And People change over a period of time based on their experiences in life, they might come together later in life and make a good life OR may find the other person who is more understanding and lovable.
        So judging with breaking up over text or whatever medium is out of question, it is a matter of heart where both are hurt equally and have to live with it.

      • I think I did not make my point very well. I think, at the very least, people should speak directly with one another even if it is not in person and simply over the phone. The reason I think this is it is an active gesture. You are directly engaged in a phone conversation or face to face. But texting? Emails? Letters? Is passive too passive to me. If you have invested time and energy into someone and called yourself a couple, the least you can do is give a phone call. It requires guts and “balls” so to speak to do it. Anything else, in my opinion, is a subconscious way of not wanting to be directly confronted which is disrespectful. That person you are breaking up with at least deserves the closure direct contact can bring.

        So yes, I will definitely look down on someone who chooses to break up in a text, an email or a letter if they were a committed couple because on my own principles it’s cowardly. But.. for some people? I guess it works. I’m just shocked about it.

      • I think I did not make myself clear enough in my first response.

        I do understand that there are various circumstances that would make breaking up in text, email or a letter, okay. In some cases, this may be the very best option (such as avoiding an abusive partner). That being said, I think breaking up this way is far too passive for what kind of closure a relationship deserves. They asked people if they had “broken up” by texting. Breaking up implies those two people were in a relationship. If you are in a relationship, other than extreme circumstances, I cannot find a good reason for breaking up via text. I do look down on people for doing that. To me, it’s cowardly. I’m pretty relaxed about a lot of things but not about respect and I think people deserve at the very least a phone call if they cannot, for whatever reason, meet in person to end the relationship. Texting is a passive form of communication. I don’t know. I just can’t agree that’s an okay choice but there is always an exception.

  2. smartyshal says:

    Exactly my point…For you, this is passive and I agree with it but for some people, it is not until they realize it. And this realization, for those people, comes from experiences in life over a period of time!!

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