The Holiday Season is Here

Oh Noes! Why did I not work on my texting skills? I would’ve walked away with at least $2,500 like Rachel, a 15-year-old from Shoreline, WA. She texts (can we call it typing? No, we can’t) 60 words per minute. That is impressive. So who gave her money? A texting championship; the LG National Texting Championship to be exact. The Grand Prize is $50,000!! WTF!?! Where was I?! Now I know. Be prepared, Rachel Taylor-Blakey. You’re going DOWN! Actually, not so. I’m the worst texter on the planet. The only exception to being able to text on any phone besides mine is the iPhone and that is a serious challenge. These contestants only have one week to get used to their new phone before showdown. I think it’s impressive. People might say it’s silly but these kids are winning thousands.

Smart. *Taps head*


I have been enjoying the anticipated red holiday Starbucks cup before my friends around the world.
Hm. That’s why it’s sooooo awesome to be in Seattle! 😀
I’m just teasing.
Starbucks! Get on it! It’s snowing in Boise and Seattle. These people NEED those red holiday cups you build up all year-long.
C’mon. Be nice.


And the fall colors are showing up so nicely out here.
I feel spoiled.

The Holiday Season is upon us! I began earlier than usual this year with a new celebration added to my list! Diwali! Oh my gosh. If you haven’t heard of this celebration, I sincerely hope you find a way to celebrate next year. It’s the triumph of good over evil. Depending on which religion you follow, there are many stories that support this celebration. How do you celebrate Diwali? I dressed up in Fuchsia and Gold. Fuchsia, my sworn enemy since Barbie shoes in the 80s ruined that color for me, became my friend. Yes. Gold does that. Gold is lovely isn’t it? Anyway, ladies dress up in sparkly pants and tops or wrap themselves in lovely material for an elegant goddess look. Men wear some pretty awesome stuff too but it isn’t as cool as ladies clothing. You eat. And maybe my favorite part are all the lights around the house.

New movies come out, too (Diwali is a lot like Christmas only the celebration is a little longer). I just watched Ra One with a friend. It was the first Bollywood movie I have ever seen in the theatre. I bought popcorn before I realized there were pakoras and samosas at the theatre! YES! PLUS they served chai (tea). Divine. The movie was silly, cheesy and of course there is a romantic string but it was awesome! It’s like they didn’t take themselves seriously except for a parts and I can appreciate that. It’s about a  boy who is unimpressed with his good-natured father (i.e. not a badass) who swears villains are way cooler. His father happens to make a video game about a nearly unbeatable villain. The villain steps out of the video game, comes into real life and they have to defeat him. Essentially, they have to defeat evil with goodness. It’s very family oriented. It gave me the same kind of good fun feelings I have watching Disney movies. Okay, not exactly the same but you get the idea.

By the way, have you noticed Akon singing in Hindi lately?

Did you notice that hot Desi woman dancing in white? (Desi, I learned, is the Indian word for Indian). That woman is Kareena Kapoor. What I noticed about the women dancing in this movie was that they’re scantily clad (still surprises me considering what a conservative society it is) but they look naturally fit. No six packs. No chiseled bodies. Just fit and lean with that natural woman belly. Thank you for promoting this look 🙂 As a woman, I completely appreciate showing off how women are naturally made. It’s fine, ladies!


I’m still avoiding the Occupy Seattle topic. Meh. That’s a lot of work and I have school to attend. Hm. Eventually? 🙂 In the meantime, Daylight Saving Time is coming up! This Sunday! Don’t forget we fall “back” an hour.


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