Ode to Coffee

Be Prepared. It’s Monday which means It’s Random Thoughts Time.

For all the delicious Asian restaurants and tiny carry-outs, why is it I can only find one place to deliver in Cap Hill? This perplexes me. In Ohio, all the Asian places deliver (generally speaking of course, the words “all” and “never” are rarely true). Why is it like this in the Downtown/Cap Hill area? Am I missing an awesome place that delivers?

Fall is definitely here! Jellyfish in the Puget Sound galore! Not only do we get fall colors but we get “fish” that are something like “jelly.” By the way, I went to IKEA for the first time yesterday. I walked out with some Lingonberry Jam. YES! When my boyfriend and I walked toward the entrance I said, “This is epitome of our generation.”

In other news, I learned how to spell “epitome.”

For all you tea lovers, Healeo (on Cap Hill) is having a special event this Friday. There’s some stuff about a “sneak preview” of some tea, blah blah. All I care about is unlimited tea tasting for $12!! Yes! And since my boyfriend and I just bought a tea carafe  at IKEA, it might just be an awesome idea to go for more tea tastings (though you can try as many as you like at Vital Tea Leaf downtown for free).

Tea has recently become a very big part of my life. It’s strange to me because I moved to Seattle partly for coffee (My priorities went like this: #1 Strong job market #2 Plenty of education/schools #3 Music and #4 coffee. A big international community was after coffee and if I’m really honest coffee has bumped up a notch now).

To me, tea is the tea leaf soaked in hot water. Maybe a dash of milk if you must but I prefer mine black (or green?). I’ve noticed chai is made with a lot of water and milk with spices and a dash of ground tea. I’ve been drinking chai in restaurants and at various gracious homes. This seems to be how it’s made. It’s tasty! It’s really tasty. I used to be picky about milk being warm but drinking chai has encouraged a fondness for warm milk! Who would’ve thunk it?! (Yes, the typo is on purpose).  But why do they call it tea? You might as well call it warm spicy milk because that’s mostly what it is. Oh! Do you think this is symbolic of the Indian subconscious?! Milk. The Cow. Holiness. Lots of thoughts there.

So now I am drinking chai almost every day. I love it. It really do but I feel I’m cheating on coffee just a little.

Cup of Joe,
I love you so.

No wait. I’m a terrible poet. It’s best if I let someone else speak for me with this lovely Ode to Coffee, instead.
(I’m thinking. Since I consider chai most as milk rather than tea, is it still cheating on Coffee?)

2 Responses to “Ode to Coffee”
  1. Zinnat Ali says:

    Well, now you really have to come visit me because while there is a significant amount of milk in my chai, there is definitely more than a “dash” of tea!

  2. Strange Chinese food doesn’t deliver, but you just made me wonder…do they even have Chinese food in Germany? I know they don’t tend to have pizza (and what they do have isn’t what we Americans are used to), and Mexican where it’s available runs on the expensive side as it’s sort of a delicacy.. Think these things are going to have to be a future blog post (or few) once I can get there and investigate for myself.

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