New Chia Pet!

Bartells made me laugh this morning. A Fremont Troll Chia Pet. If I wasn’t such a cheapo (and against buying useless stuff as much as possible) I’d totally go for it. Hilarious. I am in disbelief this company is still around.

6 Responses to “New Chia Pet!”
  1. Helen Anne says:

    Are they available in every Bartell’s or just Fremont?

  2. Helen Anne says:

    My New Yorker friend will love this!
    She was here in June and absolutely thought the Fremont Troll was the coolest thing.

  3. They are in every Bartell (while supplies last-there was a LOT of media coverage of my little project today).
    -Howie (Bartell buyer))

    • Wait, was the Fremont Troll Chia Pet your creation?

      • Yes, it’s my creation (answering here even though we’ve already tweeted so any other commenters don’t think I left you hanging). My idea from about a year and a half ago-took a while to make it happen. Had a great phone conversation today with Steve Badanes, the original Troll artist. He was instrumental in helping make this happen. Thanks again for the nice mention. It’s nice when I can see some people enjoyed something I worked on.

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