The Stranger, You Simply Rock It

Thought I’d share some of my favorite  exerts from Last Days, in The Stranger, this week:


“In much worse news, today brings the sad announcement of the death of Steve Jobs, the American inventor and entrepreneur whose cofounding of both Apple and Pixar secures his stature as the most entertaining man of his era. (Suck it, dead Michael Jackson). For Last Days, Jobs will forever be the man who gave the world the iPod, i.e., the closest thing yet to a robot you can fall in love with. Of course, our reverence for the now-lowly iPod is tied to our place in history. Growing up during the five-pound Walkman era, we could never imagine a day when our entire record collection would reside in a four-inch steel wallet…..

.. Thanks for the mind-blowing entertainments, Mr. Jobs (and fuck you, cancer).”


The week continues with a novel solution to job creation from the big, stupid state of Florida, where Republican state representative Ritch Workman has introduced a bill to undo the state’s ban on dwarf tossing. In case you’ve forgotten, dwarf tossing is the reprehensible “sport” in which bar patrons compete to see who can toss a well-padded little person the farthest.”

How do they find these stories?!! WHAT?!
Well anyway, The Stranger is magic and you made my day. Thank you.
*sigh* I love my city.

One Response to “The Stranger, You Simply Rock It”
  1. Yep, Steve Jobs did do some amazing things. Did you happen to catch the Westboro Baptist Church people who were posting tweets about picketing at his funeral FROM THEIR iPHONES…It would be funny if they weren’t so terrible.

    Hey, I happen to love FL. If I didn’t love my husband more, I wouldn’t have moved. (Although now that we’re about to move to Germany I have a feeling that love for FL is going to go down a notch lol). Just because there are stupid people there doesn’t make the whole state stupid (although there are some mighty stupid things about it lol). I wonder how we even had to have a ban on dwarf-tossing anyhow…who the hell are these people who think tossing people, little or otherwise, is an acceptable past time?

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